ROI is KING; everything else is Bull.

If you launch a site, print a brochure, film a commercial, or develop a database without evaluating the possible return on investment your job may be short lived?.

Sexy technology is meaningless unless it communicates your message more effectively.

Understanding consumer behaviors, conducting focus groups, evaluating competing products and services and spending an inordinate amount of time online, watching TV and researching success stories is essential in launching a successful marketing initiative.

The next time you launch a marketing initiative consider hiring someone to guide you through the process that has had a string of HIGH traffic Internet initiatives and demonstrating POSITIVE ROI.

New Identities can cost effectively evaluate where you stand vs. your competition and help target your efforts toward the opportunities that will show a positive return.

"Your substantial contribution enabled Forest to surge ahead in its utilization of the Internet for e-business solutions and make dramatic strides in its DTC online marketing programs"
Matthew Warbuton, Sr. Product Manager, Forest Laboratories
"The launch of the Jolly Rancher Fruit Chews website represents a milestone for Hershey Foods in that it is the first time we have incorporated the Internet as an integral part of the ommunication for a new product introduction."
Ron Holmes, New Product Manager,
Hershey Foods Corporation

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