Where is the money?
What are competitor's client beefs?
When do you pull the plug?
Who on the team has done it before?
How much will it cost to get it?
What is the probability of success?
What are the things that might cause it not to work?
Who else is doing it?
What are competitor's problems?
SQL Server?
Windows 2000?
Windows XP?
Does your IT Director spend 30% of his time in training?
Does your IT Director understand Marketing?
New Identities asks all the questions your employees who really care about job security are afraid to ask.
New Identities evaluates your communication patterns, existing network configuration, equipment standards and staffing.

By getting an overall picture of your company's communications; we can easily point to the areas where a significant ROI can be realized.

"Your substantial contribution enabled Forest to surge ahead in its utilization of the Internet for e-business solutions and make dramatic strides in its DTC online marketing programs"
Matthew Warbuton, Sr. Product Manager, Forest Laboratories
"The launch of the Jolly Rancher Fruit Chews website represents a milestone for Hershey Foods in that it is the first time we have incorporated the Internet as an integral part of the ommunication for a new product introduction."
Ron Holmes, New Product Manager,
Hershey Foods Corporation

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