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New Identities Agency, Inc. Privacy Policy and Agreement

New Identities Agency, Inc. is in business to make money. We intend to utilize all technologies available including: cookies, database profiles and email notices to the extent possible that we are able to generate new business and improve relationships with current clients.

Please be advised that our business is geared at developing Internet strategies for clients. As such we collect as much information as possible from site visitors and clients on behalf of our clients and our company. We intend to use all information collected from site visitors to make money and will distribute such information as we determine to be in the best interest of our clients and our company.

As a visitor you have no rights to expect privacy when submitting information on our site or by visiting our site.

We do not generally release information on any client to anyone. Many clients request that we sign confidentiality and secrecy agreements, as such those agreements regulate the distribution of any information related to those site visitors.

Please note that 'privacy' as it applies to the Internet is a dynamic, rapidly developing area. In the future, we may make significant changes to our privacy policy affecting the use of the Personal Information we collect. If you do not agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy or any revised policy, please exit the site immediately.

Revised September, 2001
2001 New Identities Agency, Inc. All rights reserved.

"Your substantial contribution enabled Forest to surge ahead in its utilization of the Internet for e-business solutions and make dramatic strides in its DTC online marketing programs"
Matthew Warbuton, Sr. Product Manager, Forest Laboratories
"The launch of the Jolly Rancher Fruit Chews website represents a milestone for Hershey Foods in that it is the first time we have incorporated the Internet as an integral part of the ommunication for a new product introduction."
Ron Holmes, New Product Manager,
Hershey Foods Corporation

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