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Guerilla Marketing In The Internet Age
  Guerilla Marketing In The Internet Age  
  Guerilla Marketing In The Internet Age  
Guerilla Marketing In The Internet Age
Publication date: 2002-08-13

Peg Stocus, president of New York-area contractor KO Electric Fiber & Data, recently had a little lesson in the power of online marketing.

Quite frankly, it shocked her.

It happened when she was calling on a firm that was considering using KO for a large project. "I put my business card down on the table," she recalls. "They took one look at it and said 'is this you?'" Her soon-to-be clients pulled out an authoritative paper on the intricacies of "sound masking installations" of which Stocus's firm does nationwide installations.

The article in question was authored under the careful direction of the New Identities Agency and posted to hundreds of web sites and referenced in thousands of newsgroups.

"They told me they had been using the paper as their Bible of sound masking," she recalls. "They couldn't believe it. I couldn't believe it!"
Not long before that meeting, Stocus had hired Internet traffic, marketing, and branding consultant Jim Bock and his New Identities Agency to market their company-she just hadn't expected his work to generate these kinds of results so quickly. In fact, like a lot of people, she had grown a little skeptical of Ad Agencies and the Internet as a cost effective marketing tool.

"We had been casting around for years," she says. "We worked with all sorts of people who called themselves marketing professionals. But we've never had results anything like this. My God, this really works!"

So what happened? How was New Identities able to get such great results, while more and more big Agencies are failing miserably?
The answer is simple: New Identities focused its efforts on "Pin Point Direct Marketing" and as a result was able to provide a positive return on investment within 12 months.

Savvy Marketing for Savvy Consumers
At the core of New Identities' "Pinpoint Direct Marketing™"- give people what they are looking for when they are looking for it.

"Pin Point Direct Marketing™" - is in direct conflict with traditional "Interruptive Marketing"- which gives you something you aren't looking for when you are expecting something unrelated.

"The big difference," explains Bock, "is that Pin Point Direct Marketing gives you a solution when you are thinking about a problem."

For example, let's say you are sitting at a table in an airport restaurant eating a bowl of complimentary pretzels. After you toss a few salty pretzels in your mouth, you notice the table tent which says "Reward Your Curiosity - Try a Vanilla Coke Today".

That's an appropriate message at the right time and is the basis of Pin Point Direct Marketing.

Interruptive Marketing, Bock explains, is when you are sitting at a table and start eating some pretzels. Just when you would be ready to order a drink, you notice that table tent which says, "Get the feeling. Toyota." Great ad campaign, but at the wrong time.
"Pinpoint Direct Marketing™", on the other hand, promotes a company and its services at the exact moment that the person is ready to buy-offering what the customer wants, when the customer wants it.

According to Bock, "The foundation of our campaigns is to begin with determining "DEMAND" and "LEVEL OF COMPETITION" relating to our client's specific product or services and then to establish whether a viable community of potential customers exists."
With modern technology, New Identities is able to quickly determine what is hot and what is not.

"With sophisticated Internet database queries" Bock says, "we can advise our clients what people are looking for in search engines, level of competition online and provide an educated assessment of offline interest, determine achievable levels of traffic to newly developed web sites and even probable response to television commercials. Then we develop a ROI analysis prior to developing expensive web sites or other marketing initiatives."

Additionally, New Identities can determine which Hollywood Stars, vacation location, new fad or new slang term companies or politicians should tie their products or campaigns to for the best response.

Once it's clear what potential customers are looking for online, New Identities positions the product or service so that it is accessible to them.

Unlike traditional Internet developers that may build a million dollar web site for a company that has 10,000 products - the New Identities Agency has taken a different approach.
New Identities might determine that of the 10,000 products being sold by their client, only 2000 have enough online traffic to achieve a positive return on investment.

"In this case", Bock says, "we might develop 2000 small web sites at $5000 each instead of one web site offering 10,000 products that might cost $1,000,000."

Bock explains that people don't search online like they shop at the mall. As the Internet has grown, 'surfers' are learning that they need to be very specific in their searching efforts.

"If someone is looking to purchase 'ladies golf shoes' and search for only 'shoes', they will find 5 million web pages listed, quickly get frustrated and overwhelmed by the amount of garbage. The experienced and savvy 'surfer' is now searching for "ladies golf shoes" and finding exactly what they wanted."

Some products and services have so much related search engine traffic that they warrant the development of numerous related web sites-providing third party endorsements and positioning the client as the "expert". Something to remember is that what is often the MOST important thing a brand can accomplish on the Internet is to establish credibility. No Credibility = No Sale. Without the use of multiple Internet channels and utilizing offline channels it is often impossible to establish enough credibility to close the sale.

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