New Identities Agency builds brands by saturating people's awareness of products and services.

New Identities Agency's team of designers, writers, consultants, and programmers provide turnkey awareness campaigns utilizing an assortment of public relations and media techniques.

Typical campaigns attract 5 to 10 times the attention than a similarly budgeted Madison Avenue campaign.

We utilize everything from Celebrity Product Placement to Bulk E-mail to Direct Response TV to Newsgroup Postings to Broadcast Faxing to Dynamic Website Content.

NIA in Press


  A recent project promoting medical devices included 27 modestly priced affinity web sites developed

  The project managed personally by our Chief Operating Officer, involved a major ...

  This project involved a well known confectionary manufacturer.

"Your substantial contribution enabled Forest to surge ahead in its utilization of the Internet for e-business solutions and make dramatic strides in its DTC online marketing programs"
Matthew Warbuton, Sr. Product Manager, Forest Laboratories

"The launch of the Jolly Rancher Fruit Chews website represents a milestone for Hershey Foods in that it is the first time we have incorporated the Internet as an integral part of the ommunication for a new product introduction."

Ron Holmes, New Product Manager,
Hershey Foods Corporation

"In a time that seems to serve up a lot of soft drinks without fizz, Jim Bock is the real thing."

Dick Anderson, former creative director/group manager at McCann-Erickson (who handled the Coke campaign)

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